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Cappuccine “Ultimate Frappe“ Recipe Contest

Congratulations to all Cappuccine "Ultimate Frappe" Recipe Contest winners. Especially to Klatch's own barista, Jarad Ryan for taking 2nd place with his Turkish Coffee Frappe. (see recipe below)

Cappuccine, a pioneer in the gourmet beverage market and an award-winning frappe mix manufacturer, launched a National Ultimate Frappe Recipe Contest on October 7, 2011, in honor of National Frappe Day.

Cappuccine asked baristas from across the U.S. to submit their tastiest ultimate frappe recipes. Contest rules applied, such as using a Cappuccine® frappe mix and up to nine additional ingredients. Prizes included: $1,000 prize for first place; $750 for second place; and $500 for third place.

Cappuccine assembled an esteemed panel of judges including professional baristas and international trainers Sherri Johns and Danny Johns of WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC and Ultimate Barista Challenge®.

Turkish Coffee Frappe Recipe

By Jarad Ryan, Klatch Barista

Step 1

Pull 2 shots of Klatch House Espresso into container. Cut 1 inch wide strip of lemon peel and twist over espresso to release oils. Steep the lemon peel in the still hot espresso for several seconds. Then add 1 oz of chocolate powder and 1/3 tsp of cardamom to container and mix until completely dissolved. Finally, add 6 oz of half & half into container and stir.

Step 2

Pour mixture into a blender, holding back the lemon peel. Add 2 sccops of Cappuccine's Vanilla Latte Frappe mix and 16 oz of ice.

Step 3

Blend until smooth.

Step 4

Pour into a cup. Optional: top with whipped cream.

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