Brazil Granja Sao Francisco
Brazil Granja Sao Francisco



REGION: Sul de Minas
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon
FARM: Granja Sao Francisco
ALTITUDE: 900-1300 M
FARMER: Various
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Pulp Natural

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Our Sao Francisco from Brazil offers a distinct nutty aroma that transcends in to a black walnut and cocoa flavor with subtle hints of sweet molasses.

History of the Farm
Of great tradition, the farm named “Granja São Francisco” was acquired in the year 1937 by Mr. Octaviano Pinto Lopes Ribeiro, maternal grandfather of Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia, the current owner. A renowned and experienced entrepreneur in the coffee export business in the 30s and 40s, the then patriarch of the family, through the company “Pinto Lopes e Cia, Ltda.,” achieved considerable fame in the business circles in which he operated for his great business vision and entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to recognize in advance the peculiar qualities of the coffee-growing lands in the Sul de Minas. Already at that time, the potential of the Carmo de Minas microregion to produce coffees of the finest quality, today produced and recognized as such, could be identified and envisioned. Taking over the farm, Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia opted for dynamic and professional administration of Granja São Francisco (Gleba São Francisco and Gleba Flamengo belong to it), determining, among other measures, the immediate renovation of existing coffee fields and planting new varieties more propitious and adapted to the region. The crops are cultivated at an elevation varying between 900 and 1,300 meters, whose relief, very characteristic of the region, is recognized as the ideal environment for mountain coffee growing, not only for the excellence of its lands, for the amenable temperatures during the entire year, with defined seasons and well distributed levels of precipitation, but also for the beauty of the place, where the activity is developed in close harmony with nature. According to the demands of the coffee market, that always seeks increasingly high-quality coffees, Otaviano, together with his wife, Maria José Junqueira Ceglia, and their son, Luís Eduardo Junqueira Ceglia, have been taking advantage of the characteristics that the region offers and the experience acquired with the handling and production of coffee in order to achieve this objective. Respect and care for the environment have long been part of the operating guidelines of the property, where the ecological consciousness of the owner and his family, together with the collaborators who work on the farm, have preserved the exuberant flora and fauna of the place, a typical region of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range. Suffice it to say, from its generous springs the crystalline waters that supply Carmo de Minas are born. For the success of its business, Granja São Francisco currently has 12 direct collaborators, who live on the farm itself with their families, having access to health care and education. At the time of the harvest, the demand for temporary labor for the hand-picking of the coffee ensure placement and support to other workers coming from the city. In the year 2007, Granja São Francisco achieved third place in the “Natural Coffees” category in the 4th Minas Gerais Quality Coffees Contest, promoted by EMATER-MG. In 2008, it achieved sixth place in the 9th Quality Coffees of Brazil Contest and participated in the “Cup of Excellence” auction. In the year 2009, it was a finalist in the 10th Quality Coffees of Brazil Contest “Cup of Excellence.” In 2010, it won second place in the 7th Minas Gerais Quality Coffees Contest, Sul de Minas Natural category. In 2011, it achieved fifth, sixth and eighth place in the 12th Quality Coffees of Brazil Contest and 12th place in the “Cup of Excellence Natural Late Harvest.” In 2012, it won sixth place in the 13th Quality Coffees of Brazil - Cup of Excellence Early Harvest 2012.

Coffee Processing
Manually harvested between the months of June and July 2012, via stripping onto cloths, in order to avoid contact with the ground, the coffee proceeds to drying which is begun on a courtyard and concluded in a rotating dryer. Still in parchment, it is taken to rest in appropriate granaries, made of wood, where it remains resting for an average period of 60 days, until being processed. The coffee preparation structure of the property has a washer, a pulping machine, paved patios with an area of 3,000m2 (32,292 ft2), three mechanical dryers, rest boxes and processing machines.
Concerned about the quality of coffee produced, as a form of aggregating value to the final product, without however, compromising the productivity of his crops, coffee producer Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia today relies upon the agronomical and technological support of COCARIVE, in partnership with EMATER-MG. Granja São Francisco has been certified by the Certifica Minas Café program since 2008.

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