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New Zimbabwe AA Salima Estate
New Zimbabwe AA Salima Estate

Zimbabwe has graced us with quality AA bean from Salima Estate. A smooth, medium-bodied coffee with tons of character. It has a slightly citrus with stone fruit and a spicy finish. A very nice coffee from an origin that should get much more attention. Salimba Estate established with the assistance of U.S. roaster clients a new food production program, The Zeri Mushroom Project.

Right Off The Roaster!
Right Off The Roaster!

This new natural Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo province placed 1st in Taste of Harvest Competition in all of east Africa. This bean is heavier bodied then expected from most Ethiopians.

Central American Direct Trade 2010 Video Report
Central American Direct Trade 2010 Video Report

One week after his returned from Ethiopia, Mike visited our Central American Direct Trade partners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Direct Trade is a term used by Klatch which represents a propitious model and relationship between roaster and producer. Designed to meet the needs of private and family coffee farms and co-ops in today's market.

Roundup: NCA's Roaster Roundtable
NCA Presentation

This past Saturday Mike was fortunate to attend the National Coffee Association's Annual Convention in Laguna Beach, CA. Mike stated it was great to run into so many people he recognized and catch up with. But he was especially honored to moderate the Roasters Roundtable to the full conference.

Panama, Mike's Blog

My highlight of any trip to Panama is cupping the Geisha with Daniel Peterson of Hacienda La Esmeralda, and this trip was no exception. We cupped several tables, several farms and several lots. The final table was all Geisha and truly a delight. Besides the typical top auction lots north and south of the creek near Mario's house, we also cupped several lots from a newer and higher elevation up the mountain.

Costa Rica, Mike's Blog
Costa Rica

On my flight to Costa Rica I’m sitting next to a guy and as we are talking, a friend in the coffee business, Yoshi Kato, says ‘Hi’ to both of us. When I ask how he knows Yoshi he tells me he is a coffee exporter. As we talk and discuss coffee, farms and regions, he shares his admiration for Cerro Paldo and many of the people I work with.

El Salvador, Mike's Blog
Direct Trade & Mike's Travels

El Salvador - What a fun, fruitful and crazy three days with Lucia Ortiz and friends in El Salvador. After arrival and unpacking as a guest of Lucia in her home, we headed to the Consejo to visit and cup.

Guatemala, Mike's Blog
Direct Trade & Mike's Travels

My Central American trip started with Guatemala. While most trips to recurring countries involve building relationships with current farms, I am always on the lookout for new micro lots, and this trip did not disappoint.

Direct Trade & Mike's Travels
Direct Trade & Mike's Travels

Mike has once again hit the road - one week after his returned from Ethiopia, Mike is now visiting our Central American Direct Trade partners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.

Mike's 2010 Ethiopian Video Report
Mike in Ethiopia

2010 Ethiopian Cupping Caravan brought 24 international coffee buyers face to face with the people who grow some of the best coffee in the world. The cupping caravan in Sidama/Yirgacheffe in February 2010 was an exploratory trip designed to benefit coffee professionals on both ends of the chain, from farmers to roasters.

Cupping Caravan 2010
Mike using Mobile Cupping Lab

This is the video report of the FIRST EVER Cupping Caravan that was organized in the Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffee areas of Ethiopia. The Cupping Caravan was financed by USAID through the ATEP program which is implemented by Fintrac Inc. and Boot Coffee. This program strengthening the business linkages between roasters, like Klatch Roasting and other roasters with Ethiopian cooperatives.

Mikes in Ethiopia!

Mike is taking part in the 2010 Ethiopian Coffee Roundtable in Addis Abada and the first ever Cupping Caravan program in Sidama/Yirgacheffe, which involves traveling in a 4x4 out to coffee lands to cup with farmers. A unique trip for Mike to gather with other coffee professionals to help determine the direction of Ethiopian coffee in the future.

New Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe

We are always searching for exciting and exceptional coffees to provide to our customers, and our newest acquisition is no different. We our now roasting this Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, believed to be culled from smallerholder farmers in the Gedeo region near Yiracheffe township...

Direct Trade Farmer Visits

Lucia Ortiz, El Salvador Las Mercedes Pepinal 1 honored Klatch with a grand visit. She gave a wonderful presentation on Las Mercedes a Direct Trade farm to the girls at the Motley Coffeehouse, in Claremont. In addition to meeting Klatch Roastery team in Upland, she also chatted up with Rancho and San Dimas Coffeehouse squad. Lucia also made several appearances at other coffeehouses in Southern California who feature Coffee Klatch Direct Trade Coffee. She finished the trip with our own event "Breakfast with a Farmer" in our San Dimas Coffeehouse.

100% Pure for 100% Purists

Kona coffee is a gourmet coffee grown only one place in the world, the Island of Hawaii. Klatch Coffee Kona is cultivated on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa; it's not only the best in Hawaii but its measured to be one of the world's best tasting coffees. Klatch Coffee uses only Extra Fancy grade Kona coffee making a perfect pick for your holiday season.

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