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Ever so Popular Las Mercedes, BACK!
Ever so Popular Las Mercedes, BACK!

Las Mercedes never fails to provided us with a complete multidimensional coffee from start to finish. Pepinal 1 conveys a sweet tangerine aroma, with caramel and muted flower notes. The flowers become more pronounced in the cup, amid a lively acidity, round body and a substantial and intense fruity flavor. Creamy with hints of cherry, plum, peach, honey and chocolate. Lote Pepinal 1 placed 1st in 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction with a record 94 points.

King Bean of Las Mercedes!
King Bean of Las Mercedes!

The King bean of Central America has just enter the gates of Klatch Coffee. Pacamara is one of the best tasting coffee of El Salvador, it comes from a hybrid Arabica coffee tree grown in high altitude and fermented prior going into the mill maintaining the natural sweet honey flavors. This very special and rare coffee has chocolate and citrus notes on the break. Royal acidity, complex flavors of chocolate, grapefruit, honey and herbs. A powerful and ruling cup.

New Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve Crop
New Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve Crop

Panama provides us with a complex aromatic profile with hints of caramel, honey, fruit toasted grain and chocolate. With a full bright, tangy acidity and elegant mouthfeel. A well balanced cup, with tangy Key lime and juicy orange-like tones, a stratifying sweetness. A clean aftertaste and slight hints of melted chocolate finish.

New Micro-Lot Organic, Helsar de Zarcero
New Micro-Lot Organic, Helsar de Zarcero

Helsar is a perfectly balanced coffee. A crisp complex fruit acidity, round creamy and juicy mouthfeel . A sweet clean cup with caramel toffee notes (when hot), sweet floral and citrus (grapefruit) notes as it cools. With a dark chocolate finish. A complete and delicate coffee.

DINO-mite, New Coffee
Sumatra ELB Dino

This jurassic semi-washed bean was discovered in black soil digs -- volcanic soil type providing an extraordinary find of a clean Sumatra. In the aroma we have sweet butterscotch with caramel. A syrupy sweet cup with hints of grapefruit, chocolate and sweet peppers. Like an explosion of sugary sweet DINO-mite!

Mario Carnival, Has Arrived!
Mario Carnival

One of the world's best has arrived at Klatch! We are lucky to be the first to receive this extraordinary coffee that has set off high auction records. It's long, boated-shape bean holds floral, citrus, honey and fruit notes on the nose that carries into the palate with sweet lemon orange citrus acidity, floral honeysuckle, fruit notes of cherry and slight berry, tropical flavors and stone fruit peach, with a very sweet and pleasing aftertaste.

Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, New Crop!
Papa's Choice Blend

Like lasts years fantastic bean, this year's organic coffee possesses chocolate and berry tastes that practically melt in your mouth, but cleaner with strawberries added to the mix. Smooth, buttery and creamy. A real must try, both as a delightful drip or single origin espresso.

Last Chance for Papa's Choice Blend
Papa's Choice Blend

Yes, this strong, rich and bold blend will no longer be available after June 30th.

Costa Rica Cerro Paldo is back!
Costa Rica Cerro Paldo, IS BACK!

Cerro Paldo has outdone the region yet again. Hands down, this Costa Rica has an intense floral aromas and rich, sweet flavor. A full-bodied with complex citrus and fruit notes covered in chocolate. Graciously earning 93 points by coffee review and 92.4 points by International Jury.

Kenya AA Plus HGUVU
Kenya AA Plus HGUVU

After a long search, we finally found a Kenya worthy of the high auction prices to follow in the footsteps of our Githiru. This unique Kenya AA from Central highlands in known for its distinct Kenya flavor. Floral and slightly fruity [ red berries ] on the nose with flavors of citrus, raspberries, and watermelon on the tongue. Lingers sweetly with light fruit notes a pleasingly long time. Nice body and balance. A cup with strength and complex flavors.

Decaf Santa Mariana from Brazil
Brazil Santa Mariana

A Brazil worthy of the term Micro Lot. This bean from S. Minas Gerais brings chocolate and caramel to the nose with a sweet, yes sweet, citrus and chocolate to the cup. Creamy body and pleasing acidity. Great as a drip and wonderful as a single origin espresso.

NEW high-end Decaf
NEW high-end Decaf

Klatch is now offering a high-class natural processed decaffeinated coffee from southern Hulia, Colombia. A complex blend of fruit and chocolate that will challenge your prudence on decaf coffee.

Decaffeination Ethel Acetate (EA) Water Process
Ethel Acetate (EA) Water Process

DESCAFECOL Decaffeination, a natural and gentle process, there is no contradiction between modern technology and nature for DESCAFECOL. We use only the most natural agents to decaffeinate coffee beans: crystal clear mountain water and ethyl acetate biologically gained from natural sources as sugar cane molasses.

Closing Another Chapter
Closing Another Chapter, Sweet 16

As our 16th anniversary coming to a sweet end we must say our farewells to our Sweet 16 espresso blend. It's been a sweet voyage with our 16th anniversary espresso blend, a comparable and lively version of our Belle espresso. Bright, with beautiful notes of grapefruit, citrus, and hints of raspberry.

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