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Best New Kenya of the Year Scored 93 Pts
'93 Pts Kenya

Klatch Coffee's new Kenya just received 93 points by Coffee Review. The same Kenya submitted by two other top roasters -- KIatch ranking on top.

Rusty’s Tops At HCA Again
'Klatch Coffee Introduces New Green Coffee Beans

For the third time, a Grand Champion of Hawaiian Coffee has been crowned by the The Hawaii Coffee Association, and for the second time in two years, that champion is Rusty’s Hawaiian 100% Ka’u Coffee.

Klatch Coffee Introduces New Green Coffee Beans
'Klatch Coffee Introduces New Green Coffee Beans

Southern California coffee source Klatch Coffee now offers unroasted coffee in a variety of package sizes, which include 200 grams, 1, 2 and 10 pounds.

2011 SCAA’s Symposium and Exposition Wrap-Up Report
'2011 SCAA’s Symposium and Exposition Wrap-Up Report

I have to admit, I was not to excited to travel to Houston for the 2011 SCAA's symposium and Exposition but after being there I have to add it to my list of cities I would like to return to. The Convention center was surrounded by park, great hotels, wonderful restaurants, and a baseball park, making Houston a wonderful city.

On the Road Again... Guatemala
'On the Road Again

As I sit in the airport waiting for my plane, I am already exhausted with three more flights in the next three days. But all good work has rewards and this trip is no exception so far. After the red eye into Guatemala, we cupped 60 lots to find the best from Retiro, Covadonga, and several new farms.

Coffee Picks: April
'Coffee Picks: April

It is Spring time with 12 hour days that can only be fueled by great coffee: El Salvador La Montana and Belle Espresso.

On the Road Again
'On the Road Again

It is the end of March the perfect time for cupping Centrals, hence the reason for my current travels to Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama. I will be arriving in Guatemala from a red-eye out of Los Angeles on Thursday, March 31, 2011. Once I arrive in Guatemala I will be cupping El Retiro and Covadonga. Both farms were just beginning to be picked while I was in Guatemala last month with Liz, our Associated Barista Trainer, during our origin trip. This trip is dedicated to reassurance of quality and choosing the best-of-the-best from these great farms.

Oh Rwanda - New Coffee
'Oh Rwanda - New Coffee

Rwanda long known for its deep berry and floral jasmine. Yet, this remarkable attractive cup holds Yirgacheffe floral notes and flashes of Kenya-like brightness. The fragrance has soft floral and sweet citrus notes. The wet aromatics is were this distinguished fair trade washed bean comes to life - a bouquet of flowers featuring hints of stonefruit raspberry, sugar plum with ruby red grapefruit acidity.

Favorite Moments from Antigua
'Favorite Moments from Antigua

Arriving in Guatemala and straight to Antigua, we quickly headed to visit farms and mills. Our first stop, Finca Candeleria. As we were relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the top of the farm at the base of the Fuego Volcano, we heard a rumble, felt the ground shake, and saw the mountain spew its awesome smoke.

Liz in Guatemala Antigua
'Liz in El Salvador 2011: Wrap Up

I have just arrived in Guatemala City and have a brief moment to share with you my experience in Antigua. So much has happened. As you may know the first day I felt the ground shake. I looked up and saw a volcano spewing out smoke. It was a pretty humbling moment. They were not lying when they said Volcana de Fuego is still active.

Liz in El Salvador 2011: Wrap Up
'Liz in El Salvador 2011: Wrap Up

Buenos Dias from Central America! Mike and I have just landed in Guatemala and are enjoying the view of Antigua on the terrace of our little hotel. The city is beautiful, bustling with people, and the old Spanish buildings are holding strong. The experience of visiting origin has been amazing so far. I was in El Salvador for four days and got to visit several farms: Las Mercedes, Kilimanjaro (all organic) and Carrazul amongst others.

Mike in El Salvador 2011: Day 4
'Mike in El Salvador 2011

If I could sum up our final day in El Salvador it would be three words: Cupping, Cupping, Cupping. For those who know me, the best part of my job is cupping. Whether it is enjoying the comfort of an old friend like Pepinal, or the joy of meeting a new one like El Bosco, cupping makes me happy. And today was a happy day.

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