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20 Facts You Didn't Know About Klatch

by The Klatch Team

Here's a fun fact! Read all about the 20 things you didn't know about Klatch Coffee.

  1. Heather was dressed as cowgirl with flaming guns while burning s'mores on her first competition.
  2. Prior to coffee, Mike was an iron worker walking 4" wide beams 100' up in the air.
  3. Did you know Cindy is 100% Dutch? Explains the blond hair and blue eyes of a all the Perry girls.
  4. Did you know Heather is really a blond?
  5. Did you know our Office Manager Helene was born in Sweden and came to the US with her husband just to work for Klatch.
  6. Due to the success of our original Rancho Cucamonga location, Starbucks open across the street 75' from Klatch.......they closed 5 years later and Klatch RC is still rocking!
  7. Did you know Klatch Coffee can be found in Several Beers made by Claremont Craft Ales and will be on display at our Klatch Coffee Con
  8. Our first Roastery employee was cowboy Don. Still with us today and still wearing the same cowboy hat. When not roasting Don can be spotted at nearby rodeos.
  9. Ever been chased by a hurricane? Mike was on his way to the Bolivia COE and had to take a detour to Argentina for a day.
  10. When Klatch started, all regulars got a mug with their name on it. They were displayed in the store and customers would leave notes for each other in them. We got so many we finally had to end that early tradition because we didn't have enough space to keep them all.
  11. Did you know our 2nd store was originally going to be a Diedrich coffeehouse? We had their plans and everything but scrapped them to make it a Klatch
  12. Our 3rd location in Ontario is a closed down Starbucks. Not sure why they did not make it but we are very happy with that location.
  13. Besides the Harley, Mike races motocross and currently has a broken back to prove it. Even got a helicopter ride to the trauma center.
  14. When Mike found out klatch had won micro roaster of the year he was in Ecuador with his friend Jeff Taylor of PT's coffee who found out at the same time they won macro roaster of the year. They celebrated with a Blue Label.
  15. Our Roast Masters drink of choice when traveling Latin America for coffee? Zacapa!
  16. Cindy "retired" in 2010 and is now the official babysitter to Klatch baby Cole and soon to come #2!
  17. All roasting used to be done in the San Dimas store for 10 years until we moved into the current roastery in 2007.
  18. The eskimocha got it's name from a customer competition
  19. When Heather won her first United States Barista Championship in Boston we had no idea the World Championships were the next day so had to scramble to find supplies at local markets
  20. Growing up, our youngest daughter Holly always hated that all we did was talk coffee and never wanted to be in the business. Today she runs all our retail coffee houses as GM

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