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2010 World Barista Championship

The 11th Annual World Barista Championship [ WBC ] taking place in London on June 23rd to 25th, where countless of baristas compete for chance to represent their country in the annual world event. The WBC is the preeminent international coffee competition. Each year, champions representing more the 50 nations each prepare 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance set to music.

WBC certified judges from around the world evaluate each performance on the taste of beverages served, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill, and overall presentation. The top competitors from the first round advance to a semi-final round to choose the top 6 competitors for the final round.


In honor of the upcoming 11th Annual World Barista Championship - Klatch is now offering 10% OFF on the one and only espresso named the BEST IN THE WORLD at the WBC, World's Best Espresso. It holds initial tastes of chocolate and citrus and later gives a syrupy sweet taste of wine-like berry and spice.

Enter code WRLDSBST at checkout, valid from June 10th - June 25th.

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Go Live!

Klatch teamed with WBC global project, Go Live! Your own Klatch will be broadcasting the 11th Annual World Barista Championship with high-quality live streaming at Concourse and San Dimas locations.

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