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2010 Coffee Fest Seattle Wrap Up Report

by Heather Perry

I am finally returning home after a month on the road, and I cannot think of a better way to wrap things up than with Coffee Fest Seattle. It was a great show with great new products, new classes, and a new latte art competition.

Friday afternoon I judged the Best New Product Competition. There were a lot of things you come to expect to see but also a few new fun items. Two of my favorites were Double Wall Glass Tumblers, and a new French Press called a Duet, which is designed for properly brewed coffee and steeped tea. Look for both of these items online and in our retail stores soon.

But this year's big trend in the coffee world is all about slowing things down, reflecting a shift towards by-the-cup service. With no argument, the debut of Single Brewing class was by far the most popular. As single cup brewing continues to gain in popularity, so do the options for single cup brewing products. My favorites are the Tru Bru Bar, the V60 and Hario Lineup, and the myPressi, all of these pour-over methods make great coffee and even better gifts for any coffee lover and of course available Klatch.

Last but not least, the revamped Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition, this competition was such a blast and we crowned a new champion! It all started Friday, October 29, with 64 competitors, and by the end of the morning we had it narrowed down to 32 competitors. Saturday we narrowed it down from 32 to 16, and Sunday morning we had 4 rounds of competition left. When it was all said and done Terika Raak took third, Nicely Alameda second, and Adam McGovern was named our newest Latte Art Champion!

Coffee Fest Chicago and San Diego are looking for 64 competitors, if latte art is something you are looking to learn or improve in, sign up for our Latte Art Class, they are small, extremely hands on, and you will leave with the tools to continue to improve your skill. Sign up at klatchroasting.com.

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